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About Housing Our Homeless Vets

At Housing Our Homeless Vets, we refuse to accept veteran homelessness as a part of our culture. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, our mission is to empower veterans who have fallen into homelessness by providing them with long-term housing and access to community support. By providing domestic and employment opportunities, our services encourage independence, camaraderie, and improved mental health. We consider it an honor to help homeless veterans reclaim their dignity, community, and hope for the future, no matter their length of service, type of discharge, or any other obstacle. We will use every available resource to help achieve our goals, which include:
  • Empowering veterans who have fallen into homelessness by providing them with long-term housing 
  • Building an all-veteran community encouraging a renewed sense of family, health, and camaraderie
  • Providing resources, transportation, and stable housing needed to improve veterans’ quality of life

What Makes Us Different?

Our founders are committed to ending veteran homelessness in America, but we are taking our vision a step further. Instead of relocating veterans to isolated apartment buildings across the city, we believe that veterans’ mental health needs are best met in communities of other veterans. For this reason, we are building an all-veteran community of ADA-compliant “tiny houses” to provide veterans with homes, resources, and a thriving community of people who understand their struggles.   

Our Values

We recognize that there are many reasons why a veteran may have fallen into homelessness, and it is our goal to assist each and every veteran in working toward a resolution by empowering them through our vast network of resources. We will partner with local and national organizations to gain the proper support structure to accommodate any need a veteran may have. Our values include the following:
  • Support: Offer support veterans deserve to help them get back on their feet
  • Honor: Restore hope in the lives of veterans who have fallen on difficult times
  • Above & Beyond: Always go above and beyond to exceed every expectation
  • Value: Show appreciation for each veteran’s service, no matter their situation
  • Empathy: Give care for each veteran as if they were a member of our own family

Honor the Heroes Who Served

At Housing Our Homeless Vets, we strive to assist veterans by providing resources and support to handle struggles with mental health, addiction, family assistance, physical health and otherwise. We will work with Veterans Affairs (VA) to understand the benefits that each veteran is entitled to so that they can get the maximum amount of assistance.