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50/50 Fundraiser

Our 50/50 raffle winner will be drawn on Saturday, March 25th during our fundraiser event. Raffle tickets are $10 and can be purchased online through the link or in person at the event. The drawing will be streamed on our social media pages and we will contact the winner following the event. That means, whether you are in Maryland at the event with us, across the country or stationed on the other side of the world, you can buy a ticket and win!

Veteran's Village Initiative

We are searching for the land to build our flagship tiny home Veteran community in the Augusta, GA area. We want to purchase this land before the end of 2023 so we can begin the building process and get Veterans off of the streets as soon as possible! Your donation today will assist us in securing the land needed so that we can grow our community as the need arises!

Feed Their Needs

 Across the United States, food insecurity continues to be an issue in all communities. There are times that this is obvious, but many other times it goes unnoticed. Among families and individuals alike, food insecurity has become a larger issue throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Not everyone that is trying to find where their next meal may come from is struggling with homelessness. With this in mind, we started our Feed Their Needs program.

Our Feed Their Needs program will provide bag meals to Veterans and families in the community each month in various locations. At Housing Our Homeless Vets, we feel like if we can help just one person secure food for themselves and their family, this program is a success.

General Fund

General Operating Fund donations will be used in a variety of ways. These funds not only go towards our Veteran’s Village Initiative and Feed Their Needs programs as needed, but they also allow us to continue day-to-day operations in helping connect Veterans with resources and benefits they are entitled to and filling the gaps of other needs a Veteran may have in the shorter term (e.g. transportation needs, hygiene products, clothing, etc.).